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I am an award-winning, experienced and accredited psychotherapist, specialist in psychosexual & relationship therapy and the treatment of compulsive sexual behaviours. I am also a trauma psychotherapist experienced in working with survivors of sexual abuse.

  • I offer clinical supervision to psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and other mental health professionals.
  • I am a Course Director for CICS (Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology).
  • I am an editorial board member of the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy.
  • I am a Clinical Associate with Pink Therapy.
  • I am an author of two books: Compulsive Sexual Behaviours, a Psycho-Sexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians (Routledge, 2021) and Sexology: The Basics (Routledge, 2023).
  • I provide clinical trainings internationally on the topics of sex and relationships, compulsive sexual behaviours, trauma and grief.
  • I hold a full professional insurance.
  • I'm the recipient of the Sexual Freedom Ally Award (2023) for my contribution to the field of sexology.

How I Work

First, I will see you for an initial consultation.

After an initial consultation, an agreement between you and I will be discussed, including a day and time for therapy, which is usually the same every week, although I aim to be flexible with my appointments.

The number of sessions varies, depending on the issues. I am happy to work with an open-ended agreement within which you and I will make regular reviews on how the therapeutic progress is going, and then, when appropriate, we will agree on an ending.

I am also happy to work in 'time-limited' therapy within which we agree at the beginning how many sessions you want. Of course, in order for therapy to be effective, the number of sessions have to be realistic.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

The process of counselling and psychotherapy can be challenging at times. But it is through that process that better understanding of yourself can be gained and enable you to make positive changes.

Individual Therapy: The initial consultation lasts for 50 minutes and sessions after that lasts for 50 minutes each.

Intimate Relationships/Couples Therapy: The initial consultation lasts for 50 minutes and each sessions after that lasts between 50 minutes and 110 minutes (double session), depending on the presenting issues.

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Professional Memberships
  • Accredited member of COSRT (College Of Sexual and Relationship Therapists).
  • Accredited COSRT supervisor.
  • Full clinical registered member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).
  • Advanced Accredited Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities Therapist (Pink Therapy)
  • Member of the British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM)
  • Member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM)
  • Member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)
  • Accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS)
  • Registered Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • Member of EMDR Association UK & Ireland

Being awarded the accreditation with COSRT means that I am a specialist in psychosexual and relationship therapy, having met strict criteria in respect of training, experience, knowledge, ethical standards, clinical skills and commitment to continuous professional development.

Being an Advanced Accredited Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities Therapist (Pink Therapy) means that I have extensive experience working with the diverse populations of the LGBTQ+ communities. I am kink-aware. I am a safe therapist for sex workers (which means that I do not pathologise their choice of work). I commit to be of service of the gender, sexuality and relationship diversities and to contribute to the field of psychotherapy to promote ethical practice relating to these populations. I am proud to be a Clinical Associate with Pink Therapy.

Being a full clinical registered member of UKCP means that I have achieved the highest standard of psychotherapy clinical practice.

Being a member of The British Society for Sexual Medicine, The European Society for Sexual Medicine and The International Society for Sexual Medicine means that I keep updated on all the current research and interventions in the field of human sexuality

I abide by the code of ethics and best practice of each of these professional memberships.

My Qualifications
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. Awarded with distinction: The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. Middlesex University.
  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. Awarded with distinction.
  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. Awarded with distinction.
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision (CPPD).
  • Diploma in Eating Disorders Practitioner (NCFED).
  • Diploma in Obesity Interventions Practitioner (NCFED).
  • Online Counselling Certificate - Webcam and Voice. Awarded with distinction (OCST).

Further trainings

  • Certificate in Transformative Couples Therapy. Encounter-centred approach.
  • Completed training in Somatic Trauma Therapy. (Babette Rothschild).
  • Completed EMDR training. EMDR Extra (Training accredited by EMDR Association UK & Ireland).

I take my continuous professional development seriously. I attend seminars and conferences regularly to keep my knowledge and practice updated.

I have attended seminars with world-renowned specialist in the field of sex and relationship therapy, including Dr Harville Hendrix, Dr Helen LaKelly Hunt (Imago Therapy), Dr David Schnarch (Crucible Therapy), Douglas Braun-Harvey and Esther Perel. I also attend regular professional development on trauma therapy.

My Experience

  • I was a clinical associate of Therapy Harley Street as a specialist psychotherapy consultant in psychosexual and relationship therapy and trauma therapy.
  • I worked as a psychosexual therapist for the NHS Chelsea and Westminster Trust at 56 Dean Street, based in Soho, the busiest and most innovative sexual health NHS clinic in the UK. for more information about 56 Dean Street, click here
  • I have worked with people living with HIV with charity organisation Positive East. For more information on Positive East, click here
  • I have experience working with members of the LGBT community. I employ a sexuality affirmative approach.
  • I have experience working with people suffering from long-enduring mental health problems both on practical and emotional level.

Read my blog on Psychology Today

I write articles on various topics related to gender, sexuality and relationship diversity for the international blog Psychology Today . The aim of this blog is to offer food for thoughts for therapists and the public.


What you tell me will be kept strictly confidential. I will not share any information to a third party, unless under exceptional circumstances. These are:

  • Serious risk of harm to self or others.
  • Current physical, emotional or sexual abuse of a child or a vulnerable adults.
  • Disclosure of terrorism (requirement of the Terrorism Act 2000).
  • Disclosure of drug or people trafficking
  • Disclosure of money laundering

I may be subpoenaed by a court to give evidence under oath.

I am bound by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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